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The MeQuotient™ Foundations; What is your MeQ?

Health, not just the absence of disease, does not happen without intention. It happens following individualized, best care of health practices that support the effort to have harmony within us; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Similarly, illness manifestation, diagnosis, and progression don’t happen over- night; they are an expression of small signs and symptoms that we often become accustomed to and live with as we go about our daily lives.

Everyone is an individual. If you take anything away from this blog post, it is the fact that we are unique individuals: no two are identical. With this in mind, we further contend that:

1. The state of someone’s whole health (brain and body) working in tandem is unique to every single person.

2. When thinking about your healthcare or healthcare services, consider the wide range of available healthcare models.

3. The strategies for care of health habits and services are unique to each person.

4. When your health is protected financially, you have more energy available to optimize your health.

Observing these fundamental principles will serve you well for the remainder of your life’s journey.

Our vast experience with the benefits of critical illness insurance naturally supports the principles of Homeopathy, as well as what our health care education has taught us about Brain Health and Digestive Health. This has ultimately inspired us to create a circular healthcare solution that provides an open entry point and continued overall health strategies that guide you to optimal health. We call this solution the MeQuotient™.

The MeQuotient™ circles the square that is created by using reactionary healthcare and provides a whole-person system of optimal health.

Each of us has heard or said these words out loud: “I just want to get to the root of the issue and not mask it with prescription drugs or put a band-aid on it.” Or “My first choice would be a natural solution, but there is an overwhelming abundance of re- sources that I simply do not know where to start.” And how about “I could use a healthy balance of professional guidance to confirm my efforts in being in control. I would value having a basic educational context from which to make an informed contribution to my self-directed wellness and well-being”. Voila! That’s why we circled that square in healthcare with the MeQuotient™ approach to the care of your health.

Determining your unique MeQuotient™ is the starting point for addressing current health issues, and it aims to develop a long- term sustainable framework for increasing positive health outcomes. Based on the tenets of Homeopathy, the MeQuotient™ framework provides dynamic and multi-purposed techniques and approaches that navigate away from possible future illness diagnosis or help manage an existing diagnosis. It consists of 6 health insights that, when integrated, will assist in your under- standing of your current picture of health so that you can plan your pathway to optimal health.

We want to assist you in your pursuit of discovering your own unique MeQuotient™. In order to facilitate the discovery of your own MeQuotient™, we have developed an affordable MeQuotient™ membership with various resources and discounts on targeted health and wellness products and services from our strategic partnerships time. It is a unique benefit for a unique you.

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