Our experienced CWO's will help you improve employee productivity by engaging in various wellness programs, wellness workshops and consult your organization on benefits plan.

Anthony Rodrigo

Anthony combines his 25+ year dual career in integrated healthcare practice and life & health insurance. Today Anthony works to create, develop and customise integrated healthcare systems and education programs for employers’ benefits and membership plans.

Creator and co-founder of the Chief Wellness Officer Center. Anthony is the designer of the company’s Integrated Healthcare Systems and Education Programs, plans, memberships, consultation services, workshops, speaking engagements for employers and associations and their working populations. His portfolio includes: PreventionFirst, Passenger Program, HealthRecovery, MeQuotient, AHIP

His dual career commitment role(s) as an Integrated Healthcare Professional:

  • Qigong instruction: Empower a whole person – self directed healthcare system that focuses on brain health habits and practices through Tiger fist kung fu Qigong practice and principles.

  • Certified Brain Health Professional licensed to teach Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics and University workshops.

  • Homeopath #15272- professional private practice, as per Ministry of Health & Long term care

  • Child & youth Worker - complex behaviour needs - public/private healthcare systems,

  • Counselor – dually diagnosed adolescent populations in both public/private healthcare systems.

  • Critical illness insurance advisor; advocate, educator, and product design contributor.

  • Creating integrated healthcare systems and related (and relevant) education programs into benefits/wellness initiatives and memberships for organizations

  • Integrated Healthcare Professional. Qi gong practice strengthening mental emotional, physical and spiritual health through breath and posture. Empowering self directed healthcare through mind body breath. Educating and empowering optimal Brain health for performance, lifestyle/sport/work health initiatives. Overcoming unwanted thought patterns affecting life/work performance and relationships. Complex behavior support for children, youth, and adolescents.

Jason Julian

I have always been in the "people" business and thrive at building relationships and serving others. There is an unquenchable need for my work to be purposeful which has led me to a Prevention First approach for sales reps and employer groups with my partner Anthony Rodrigo along with the great team at BGM Financial and Graceffa Insurance Group.

From brain health to gut and heart health, there is much to learn and an overwhelming abundance of tools and information exists in all mediums. Incorporating a Brain Health Strategy or Wellness Strategy is critical to employ in your company or career. Do you or your company have one in place? Implementation and execution of the strategy is where we can help. Remember, it should never be a "one-size-fits-all" approach because each individual is unique.

I have developed relationships across Canada that were personable and built on these relationships to drive sales growth. This has given me a broad perspective of the various insurance and work cultures. Improving and strengthening partner engagement was one of the keys to success.  

The landscape is changing, the future is now and I embrace it with a keen eye on the future to innovate and disrupt so the overall consumer and advisor experience is superior. It is my love for helping people that fuels me each and every day. So much so that I wrote the #1 Best selling book entitled "The sLick Sales Agent" to raise health awareness through my story.

Brian Health Workshops:

Jason is a Certified Brain Health Professional through Dr. Amen University as well as a Master Life Coach and Neuroencoding Specialist. He enjoys conducting group sessions aimed at creating Brain Health awareness and deliver tools and resources to thrive. You can change your brain and in turn change your life.

Jason is licensed to teach Dr Daniel Amen's workshops along with Joseph McClendon III's workshops. He has created other workshops ranging from Stress Management to Gut Health.

Benefits Consulting and Management:

A Benefits plan needs to be actively serviced and risks managed. It is one pillar in a company's wellness roadmap. For 30 years Jason has consulted employer groups of all sizes on their benefits package. The CWO's goal is always to work with existing Benefits Consultants that you currently have since our belief is that if a team strategy. In the event that the employer does not have an active Consultant, Jason and the CWO Center can assume those duties and service or recommend one of our strategic partners.

Wellness Initiative Management:

Lets face it, there are so many apps and technology available that is difficult to understand and can be very overwhelming.

From EAP's, Fitness and Nutrition, Mental Health (Brain Health) and Virtual Doctors/telehealth; where do you start and how can you ensure employee engagement and results for monies invested? Jason and team can oversee all these initiatives and work alongside your company to understand needs and objectives. This oversight is one of the main reasons we created the CWO Center. Allow us to be an extension of your

company on the critical initiative of whole health and wellness.

Keynote Speaker:

Jason is available to speak at your next conference or convention. He offers a range of topics that will educate/uplift/enable action.

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