It Takes Only A Few Steps To Make a Healthy Impression


Uniting Extraordinary Benefits with Extraordinary Working  Populations

We are tenured specialists in employee benefits and compensation plans. We are dually specialized in employee benefit consulting, management and strategy. We are industry leaders in the education & the implementation of the specialized critical illness insurance benefits. 

Does your organization's benefits and healthcare initiatives meet CWO certified standards?

We will work with your HR Team, people managers, executives, your benefits consultant and your employees to educate them on mental health standards and best practices. How to effectively utilize health related benefits and participate in wellness initiatives. We begin with an understanding and standard to create psychologically safe environments and increase employee engagement

Why Hire a Chief Wellness Officer?

Empower a Human-Centric Culture

Our CWO will work with HR to create a brain health strategy to ensure a healthy impression

Analyze The Employee Experience

Our CWO will work with various teams across the organization and identify the issues, opportunities to improve employee experience.

Improve Employee Engagement

Our CWO connects with one on one sessions or through a culture of recognition to create a caring and valued environment

Discover Emotional Capital

Our CWO will analyze and recommend changes to corporate working policies to improve overall employee brain health

Harmonize Work-Life Balance

Our CWO will work with employees to look at working hours and flexibility to ensure that the employee has enough time-off.

Our Valued Partners

Our Services

Integrated Healthcare Systems

We offer benefits consulting, management and strategy development. Hire us to achieve building meaningful, sustainable and affordable well being initiatives with relevant benefits and member benefits.

Education Programs

We offer various workshops, keynote speaking, whole-person integrated healthcare programs for brain health, heart health and gut health. We have special programs for Executives as well their families (Children, Youth, Adolescent)


A Unique Benefit for a Unique You

A new Natural, Self-Directed Wellness Benefit for Individuals and Canadian Employee Benefit Plans.


Wellness Products ● Telehealth ● Homeopathic Housecall ● Alternative Dr. M Care ● Qigong Meditation ● 24x7 Access

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